₍ the villagers knew better than
to allow for anything less. ₎  

                ❝what have you been taught thus far? 

❀ –; An elated gasp escaped her as she bent at the wait to gather a stick and crouched on the ground. With a well practiced flick of her wrist she wrote her name in the dirt. “Words that stay, Milord,” she answered and began work on his. 



₍ his head — ever so slightly — tilts to the side, curious. ₎  

                ❝you are well, i presume. 

❀ –; He returned, he always returned. “Milord! Yes, Rin is well!”

❀ –; Morning, the sun was awake. 

If You’re With Me || Modern AU


Lilies of the Valley? Primroses? Kohaku leaned forward and smelled both of them. “Honestly, I like the way it smells better,” he admitted sheepishly, agreeing with her. Honestly, he was stricken. She could suggest anything and he’d agree to it. Silly boy. “But why not both?”


"I’ll take a dozen of each," he smiled, charmed. He felt generous at that moment. She wouldn’t turn down the business, now would she? The young man idly mused that he hadn’t felt such a peaceful presence in a while. "How much for them, Miss- ?" Shit. He didn’t even know her name!

❀ –;  Both? 

    Chocolate eyes widened with glee at the promise of making a sale. Even if she was going to discount it. "Both it is," gleeful as ever the young girl began to gather a bouquet for each and wrapped them up with white tissue paper and tied a bow around the bushel of flowers. Rin perked when he asked for her name. 

    "Rin," she beamed as she decided to make her move. The florist worked on a third bouquet as she offered him white jasmine. "Here, you can give these to me later when you pick me up after work, Mister…?" she grinned cheekily.

❀ –; Quiet melancholic humming. 

❀ –; He didn’t seem human so she kept her distance. 

taijiyakohaku replied to your postKohaku’s eyebrows furrowed up, a frown carved on his face. “Rin, next time, bring someone with you.”

❀ –; “I was only disarmed because one of the children called out to me. I’m okay though, I’ve handled worse.”

"So, instead of helping you, they ran off the moment they saw what was happening? Who did this to you?"

❀ –; Rin’s head hung in shame at the question. Spots of crimson painted the edges of her sleeve and along her back. Being beaten wasn’t something she’d been used to. As a child no one ever asked if she was okay or not.

    Eyelashes fluttered against her swollen cheek, one eye squeezed shut from a rather bad blow. Ruefully the gardener glanced up at him. “Kohaku, they were just children,” hadn’t the two of them just been children when the world turned their back on them? She adjusted her yukata, as a lock of dark chocolate hair tumbled past her shoulder. “What were they supposed to do?”

    “But Jinenji wasn’t going to charge that guy for his medicine. And when I went after him near the village and called him out on it,” she should have known better. However, she’d been bold and armed with a rake. “Getting called a demon’s whore is different though,” she couldn’t say anyone accused her of being such to her face.

    The whispers behind her back in Kaede’s village remained whenever Sesshomaru bestowed her with gifts. Rin fidgeted, “But if you think I look bad, you should see him.” Rin made friends with the villagers, and after they got their hands on him Jinenji’s mother popped up. She almost felt sorry for her attacker.  


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